Managed by IB Documents (2) Team;
created by IB Documents Team
Managed by IB Documents (2) Team;
created by IB Documents Team
International Baccalaureate Organization

How to download the resources?

At the start of each examination session, the IB Documents Team used to generate a Torrent file which will contained all the resources that are or previously were in the Resources Repository. At the moment, their last package created in May 2022 is available.

This Torrent is up on a Seedbox until at least next year, which means that it will always be available for download until then.

The Torrent file will be named with the following format → [May/November Year].torrent

1. Download a Torrent client

We recommend getting the Torrent client qBitTorrent. It is FREE and it is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux or Unix-based systems. Select the appropriate version depending on your operating system. If you already have a Torrent client, proceed to step 2. However, if you are experiencing any problems with your current Torrent client USE the one we recommend. It can handle large files very well unlike other clients. If you are having problems installing it on Mac OS follow this guide.

2. Download the latest IB Documents Torrent file

Go to the Telegram Chat. Link to it can be found in the top right corner of the page. It is the one linked here → Scroll to the bottom of the chat to find the .torrent file and a link to download the .torrent file directly in case the first option does not work.

3. Open the Torrent file with the Torrent client

After you have downloaded the .torrent file, just open it with the Torrent client downloaded in step one (or the client of your preference). You will be able to select exactly which folders/files will be downloaded and where will they be saved in your PC. Be sure to let it load for a while in case the contents of the Torrent are not immediately shown.

4. Wait for the selected files to be downloaded

When you have selected exactly which folders will be downloaded, click OK and then wait for everything to finish. After it has finished, you will have the selected folders downloaded in the location specified in the previous step. We recommend seeding the files so availability is improved for everyone. It is one way to help us.

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