Managed by IB Documents (2) Team;
created by IB Documents Team
Managed by IB Documents (2) Team;
created by IB Documents Team
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How to download the resources? [.rar DDL]

At the start of each examination session, the IB Documents Team used to generate a Torrent file which will contained all the resources that are or previously were in the Resources Repository. At the moment, their last package created in May 2022 is available.

All those files are now available for DDL (direct download) from third-party hosting providers. Note that all files are compressed in the .rar format, so you will have to unpack them.

1. Download an archive unpacker

We recommend getting the 7-zip software here. It is FREE and it is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Select the appropriate version depending on your operating system. If you already have an archive unpacker, proceed to step 2. If you are having problems installing it on Mac OS follow this guide.

2. Go to the third party hosting provider's site

Go to the Telegram Chat. Link to it can be found in the top right corner of the page. It is the one linked here → the chat, there should be the latest working third-party hosting provider link.

3. Download the .rar files you need

Those of you familiar with the orginal ibdocuments structure will know what to do. Navigate the folders to find the relevant resource you need/want. If you don't know which resource you need, check the guide here.

4. Unpack the downloaded .rar files with 7-zip

After it is downloaded, either open the file with 7-zip, or open 7-zip first and then open the file from within. You should be able to see directly what is inside the .rar files. Then choose specific files to extract/unpack, or extract/unpack the entire .rar file.

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